Y  o  g  a     C  l  a  s  s  e  s     I  n     C  a  n  b  e  r  r  a


Welcome to Tidy Temple Yoga!

There is no better time than NOW. In our cozy Nicholls studio we offer quality yoga for an affordable price with a range of Term Based classes of various styles and intensity levels, including an 8-week Beginner Course, a new Beginner Package and Kids yoga classes. From January 2019, making up for missed classes and attending casual visits will be much easier thanks to our new booking system.

We also specialise in Private & Corporate / Workplace Yoga.

Have a browse through our website to find out more and don’t forget to visit our FAQs page or Contact Us for further details!


Our Mission

Our mission at Tidy Temple Yoga is to empower and inspire the community through the practice of yoga and help create whole life health and growth in as many peoples lives as possible. We aim to .connect people, build community and teach from intuition and authenticity.

Our community approach includes supporting events such as the Canberra Summer’s End Yoga Festival and the United Nations World Yoga Day and a number of charities including the Frontline Yoga Foundation and Soldier On.

From Term 4 2017 our focus has shifted from a pass system to Term Based Classes and private group yoga for corporations and workplaces as well as running occasional workshops/events. We invite you to come and experience the practice of yoga with us by registering your interest today!

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