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Intensity Levels

Class intensity levels are indicative of the pace of the class rather than the level of the class as all levels of ability/experience are welcome (except Yoga Basics which is specifically for beginners). Options to add on/deepen and pull back/modify postures will be given in all classes:

Low Intensity: The pace of the class is gentle. Expect your heart beat to speed up a little and your body to heat up but not to the point of sweating. Rest & modify as needed.

Medium Intensity: The pace of the class is moderate, i.e. somewhere in between a fast-moving, sweaty practice and a gentle, slow flow. Rest & modify as needed.

High Intensity: The pace is fast and flowing and at times with longer holds in challenging poses – be prepared to sweat! Rest & modify as needed.

(Low, Medium & High Intensity)

Our primary style of yoga at TTY, Yoga Flow is a perfect class for students of all ages and levels. Get ready to feel freedom on and off the mat as you recharge your mind, stimulate your body, and reach toward your highest level of consciousness and physical awareness. Learn how to link breath to body and body to mind. Taught in the Baptiste vinyasa style, you will build both physical and mental strength through a series of fun but challenging postures. You will walk away inspired with greater focus, clarity and ease.

Yoga Flow is taught to empower you on and off the mat. Everything you get in this Baptiste inspired class is accessible for the modern-day lifestyle. Baptiste Yoga ‘de-mystifies’ the yoga practice and makes it more inviting for people in all walks of life in an inspiring but fun and light setting.

This class will be offered as a Term Based Class in Term 2 2018 on Monday evenings 7-8pm, from 14 May to 2 July. To register, contact us today!

This class is also currently being offered as a Drop-in Class to the general public on Thursday evenings, 7.15-8.15pm ($20 casual / $15 concession / $10 yoga teachers).


(Low to Medium Intensity)

This slower paced class will create balance and a subtle strength in your body as we place an emphasis on the hips, legs, shoulders and initiating deep stretch in the muscles surrounding them. Unlock tightness whilst you lengthen, tone and dissolve tightness from your body. We will break down poses and you will learn safe form and alignment for each posture.

This Term Based Class will be offered in Term 2 2018 on Tuesday evenings, 7-8pm, from 15 May to 3 July. Contact us today to register your interest!


(Low Intensity)

This relaxing class is designed to restore the body back to optimal energy levels with long holds supported by blankets, bolsters and other props, allowing muscles to release and relax as you calm the body and mind with breathing techniques, guided meditation and relaxation with music or in complete silence. The use of props allows each pose to become effortlessly passive instead of active. Restorative yoga is a perfect class for relieving mental and physical stress and fatigue.

This Term Based Class will be offered in Term 2 2018 on Wednesday evenings 7-8pm, from 16 May to 4 July.  Contact us today to register your interest!


Yoga is a fun and imaginative way to safely harness a child’s natural boundless energy and exercise the body, calm the mind and develop important physical and social skills in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

Using games, stories, songs, relaxation, visualization, meditation, breathing techniques and a magic bag full of imaginative props, children learn to relax and have fun while they develop strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, body awareness, mental focus/concentration, peace & calm, resilience, respect for their bodies, other people and the environment around them, positive thinking and self-confidence!

Led by dynamic Saskia (qualified Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher with extensive experience working with children of all ages) our Kids Yoga classes are open to Primary School age children, ages 5-12.

If your child does not fall within the recommended age bracket/school year, don’t worry – we are flexible! The age/school year grouping is only a guide and your child is still warmly welcome to attend the class if they enjoy it! The best way to know is to give it a go. If you you are unsure please don’t hesitate to contact us first for a friendly chat before dropping or booking in.

This class is temporarily suspended in Term 1 2018 (due to teacher unavailability). Please contact us if you wish to join our waiting list.


(Low Intensity)

Incorporating gentle body movement, experience the present moment, spaciousness and a rediscovery of the body and how to regulate it.

In collaboration with Frontline Yoga Inc classes area delivered in a trauma-sensitive way to enhance mental and physical strength and resilience for frontline workers (such as Police, Paramedics, Firefighters, Defence, Healthcare Workers, SES/RFS, Surf Life Savers and their families) as well as others affected by trauma.

The class is FREE to Frontline workers, their families and people affected by trauma. All others attending can pay by donation with proceeds going to Frontline Yoga Inc.

This class is temporarily unavailable. For further info visit the Frontline Yoga website.

(Low Intensity)

YogaBasics is a perfect class for beginners seeking to establish a safe, solid foundation in a slower paced class with longer holds (or more experienced students seeking to revisit foundations). In a methodical manner you will be taught the most common physical postures as well as being introduced to other aspects of yoga including breath techniques, simple meditation practices and a basic overview of yoga philosophy. This class is based on Ashtanga yoga tradition with influences from Iyengar yoga and is delivered as a flow style class.  It is alignment focused and sequences range from gentle restorative to dynamic vinyasa.

Using a variety of props (including bolsters, blocks, straps and walls) to help gradually develop flexibility, increase strength and stamina, and most of all, your confidence and enthusiasm, the class can often take a workshop-style approach as new students learn the basics of yoga and more experienced students can revisit foundations.

This Term Based Class will be offered in Term 2 2018 on Sunday evenings, 5-6.15pm from 20 May to 8 July. To register, contact us today! 


(High Intensity)

A vigorous, high paced power vinyasa class. Reach a higher state of consciousness and possibility as we connect breath to movement through a series of dynamic postures that will fast-track your physical strength and mental focus. Taught from the Baptiste methodology and Journey into Power sequence, this class is challenging, invigorating and inspiring. Power Hour is perfect for those that want to increase stamina, core strength along with mental vitality and clarity.

Ashtanga Yoga Led Class

(Medium to High Intensity)

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic, strong practice originating in India, that uses breath control techniques and subtle use of bhandas (muscular/energy locks) to flow from one posture to the next. Regular practice tones and cleanses the body, stills the mind and promotes great strength and fitness. This traditional style of yoga is the practice that gave birth to modern day Power & Vinyasa Style Yoga, ie our Baptiste-style Yoga Flow classes derive from this practice.  Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally divided into 6 series of set sequences.  This 90-minute led class includes standing flowing sequences, core work and finishes off with backbends, inversions and a closing meditation (covering over half of the primary series).

The class is led by YTT 500 hour qualified teachers who are also dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioners.


A range of guided meditation styles to reduce stress, encourage moments of clarity and access a deeper sense of calm.

TTY Co-founder and Mindfulness Coach Rob Ginnivan has trained extensively in meditation and counselling.