Our Class Offerings

From Term 4 2017 our focus is shifting from a traditional pass system to

    • a selection of pre-paid (private) Term Based Classes
    • a selection of (public) Drop-in Classes
    • private individual and group tuition
    • corporate/workplace yoga
    • workshops and events

Term Based Classes

The benefits of joining a private Term Based Class include:

    • your pre-paid Term Pass means there is no need to pay each time you attend or worry about your pass expiring
    • if you sign up for more than one Term Based Class in a term, you can attend any third class free of charge during term (including a drop-in class)
    • if you miss a class you are welcome to make it up by attending any other class on schedule during term (provided there is space in the class)*
    • if you are a Term Pass holder you can attend a drop-in class to either make up for a missed class (free); use it as your third free class if you have signed up for more than one Term Based Class; or pay the discounted drop-in rate ($15 instead of $20).

PLEASE NOTE: Missed classes cannot be carried over into a new term but can be made up for during the current term as outlined above.

Yoga Flow

Unlock & Lengthen

Relax & Restore

YogaBasics (Beginners Flow Class)

These classes are pre-paid for the full term.
Each class starting at $175 for a 10-week term ($150 concession). If you sign up for more than one class you can attend a third class for free.  Missed classes cannot be carried over into a new term but if you miss a class you can join another class during term, including  a drop-in class. Term Based class attendees may attend all other classes for a casual rate subject to space availability.
* Prices effective from 19th Feb 2018

Contact us to register your interest

Private Classes

Private Class (one on one)

Private Class (couples)

Corporate/Workplace Yoga

Starting from $60 per class

Starting from $80 per class

Starting from $140 per class

Kids Yoga (Drop In)

Kids Yoga Casual Class

Kids Yoga 5 Class Pass

Kids Yoga 10 Class Pass


$55  ($11 per class value)

$100  ($10 per class value)

Cash only in studio

These are term-passes which expire at the end of each term.
Passes can be shared between siblings & friends

Adult Yoga (Drop In)

Emotional Resilience

The class is FREE to Frontline workers, their families and people affected by trauma. All others attending can pay by DONATION with proceeds going to Frontline Yoga Inc.

Free or Cash donation

Drop In Rates

$20 Casual

$15 Casual Concession

$10 Yoga Teachers

These rates are available to the general public for casual drop in classes ONLY.
Term Pass Holders may attend any additional class on schedule for these rates.
Card payments will incur a surcharge of 1.95%.*

Cash or Card* in studio

Our Charities


Sponsorships & Events