About Us

About Tidy Temple Yoga

We are a boutique studio located in the beautiful, northside Canberra suburb of Nicholls (Gungahlin) pioneered by Kay Erlandson-Ginnivan and her husband Rob in March 2012.   A long-term practitioner of yoga, Kay’s growing vision “yoga for everyone” inspired her family, other like-minded yoga teachers and the wider community to come on board. Our “family run” yoga studio is much more than our immediate family: Rob (Yoga Teacher/ Mindfulness Coach / Author/ Public Speaker), Kay (Yoga Teacher / Studio Director & Founder), Jay (Power Vinyasa Flow teacher since 2014), Annika (one of Australia’s youngest Kids Yoga teachers at age 12 in 2013) and Oscar (our youngest yogi, at heart if not on paper)…it also includes a number of wonderful teachers, students and friends who have become an integral part of our extended yoga family.

What we are about

Our mission at Tidy Temple Yoga is to empower and inspire the community through the practice of yoga. The name Tidy Temple refers to the saying “Your body is a temple”. We believe yoga is for everyone and strive to help others build strength, balance and inspire healthy transformation in their lives. The physical practice of yoga we teach will open up possibilities for you on and off the mat.

At Tidy Temple Yoga we teach a variety of yoga styles stemming from the traditions of Iyengar yoga and Ashtanga yoga. We offer a total class experience incorporating physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation (pratyahara, dharana, dhyana), relaxation (savasana, yoga nidra) & philosophy. We aim to connect with people, build community and teach from intuition and authenticity.

This includes supporting events such as the Canberra Summer’s End Yoga Festival, the Canberra Yoga Conference and the United Nation’s World Yoga Day and charities including Frontline Yoga and Soldier On  

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