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” Yoga provides a holistic set of tools, which, with regular and intentional practice, have the potential to transform your life. Everyone can benefit from it in one form or another.”

Formal Studies & Certifications:

  • 500 YTT L2 certificate teacher of Purna Yoga
  • 100 YTT L1 certificate teacher of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher training certificate
  • Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher Training, Frontline Yoga
  • Applied Interactive Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga (Yoga Synergy)
  • Level 1 – Transformation Meditation</li
  • Perfect Health (Ayurveda) Workshop
  • St John’s Ambulance Australia – Apply First Aid Certificate

Kristin (Kay) Ginnivan

Yoga Teacher & Director/Founder of Tidy Temple Yoga

Kay is a yoga teacher and principal founder/director of Tidy Temple Yoga in Canberra, Australia.  Born and partially raised in Sweden, she spent the major part of her childhood and formative years in Southeast Asia before settling in Australia in the early 1990’s..

Exposed to yoga as a young child in India and exploring her way through a variety of yoga styles, including traditional Ashtanga yoga, for many years as an adult before becoming a registered yoga teacher in 2012, Kay’s motto is “Yoga for Everyone”.

What started off as a personal journey for Kay, has  become a means of serving, transforming and empowering other people through community classes, workshops and events at her yoga studio, Tidy Temple Yoga (founded in October 2012 in Nicholls, ACT); workplace/corporate yoga in and around the ACT; presenting and sponsorship of major yoga events such as the Canberra Summer’s End Yoga Festival; and supporting organisations such as Lifeline Canberra, Save the Children, Open Doors and Frontline Yoga.

Kay’s teaching reflects the benefits of her regular meditation practice and love of dramatic arts, linguistics, and physical fitness. Her instruction is alignment-based (stemming from her Purna training at Byron Yoga and traditional Ashtanga practice) yet also free-spirited and joyful (drawing from her Baptiste Power Yoga & Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher training). Kay teaches corporate and weekly community classes in Yoga Basics, Restorative Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga Flow, including an in depth 8-week structured Beginner Course covering theory (history, philosophy), breathing and meditation techniques and in depth workshop of approx. 60 Level 1 & 2 poses. Kay’s classes range from deeply restorative to physically challenging.

Kay sees continuing studies as a natural part of her progressive yoga path.  She is currently studying Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga at Yoga Synergy and doing informal Ayurveda studies (the sister-science of yoga) under Robyn Lynch, Chopra certified Vedic Master, in Cowra.

To enquire about scheduling a private class with Kay, please ring or text 0409 329 887 or email yoga@tidytempleyoga.com

Jay - TWIST[6]

” Yoga is a powerful tool that creates strength, ease & possibility in all arenas of life”

Teacher Status & Certifications:

  • Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours YTT), Power Yoga Sweden, Sigtuna, 2014
  • Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training Journey into Power Certificate, Baptiste Power Yoga Institute, New York, 2015
  • Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Level 2 Teacher Training The Sannyasin’s Journey Certificate, New York, 2016
  • Art of Assisting, Baptise Power Yoga Institute, London, 2015
  • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga teacher training certificate, Canberra, 2016


Jay Ginnivan

Yoga Teacher

Hi! I’m Jay and I have been teaching yoga for five years and would love to share this life-changing practice with you.

I initially turned to vinyasa-style yoga as a way to manage injuries sustained from the gym and martial arts. Little did I know that after only a few weeks of practice that it would start helping alleviate stress and anxiety too. After just two months of regular yoga practice, my body had become more mobile, flexible, injury free and my mind had become clearer and calmer. I also began to sleep better! It was then that I realised that I wanted to become a teacher and share this awesome practice with as many people as I can.

I became a certified teacher in 2014 and have attended numerous forms of yoga teacher trainings since then around the world. It is my mission to create and teach a style of yoga that is compatible for all ages and fitness levels. In both my classes (Yoga Flow and Unlock and Lengthen) I offer modifications to ease off in poses and advancements to deepen in poses in order to cater to the needs of everyone in the room.

Most of all, I love what I do and am committed to positively impacting the community of our family-run yoga studio by teaching from a place of authenticity and sharing this great practice with all of you.

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Formal Studies & Certifications:

  • Trinity Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor Level 1, 285 Hours, 2016 
  • Zenergy Yoga Kids Teacher Training (Lorraine Rushton) Foundation 25 hours / Therapy 20 hours / Advanced 25 hours / Mastery 30 hours
  • Chair Yoga Teacher Training, 50 hours, Yoga Enlightenment
  • Trauma Informed Yoga, 2017, 21st Century Yogi 
  • Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness, Flourish Yoga
  • Sadhana of Birth 2018-2019 – Pre & Postnatal training 85 hrs, 2018 / Birth Doula Training, Australia Doula College
  • Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher Training 2019, Frontline Yoga 
  • Sports Trainer Level 1 NRL 2017-201
  • Modified Games Coach NRL 2018 – present
  • First Aid & CPR Certificate, 2019, CBD College, Canberra

Belinda Garratt

Kids Yoga Teacher

Yoga is a practice that has been with me for a long time, like a life-long friend. It has moved in and out of my life in the same way, always being there when I need it most.

My practice of yoga started when I lived in Sydney many years ago. I had hurt my back the year before, tripping on a pavement in London while carrying groceries home and my son on Jared my back.  The next day I couldn’t move.  I spent 3 days on the couch moving into cobra pose propped on cushions, or lying flat on my tummy, and my back healed.

Two months after returning to Australia my back relapsed. My physiotherapist recommended doing Cobra pose, 3 times a day for 6 weeks and he taped my back so I could not bend forward for 6 months. So for 6 months the only yoga I practiced was Cobra pose and this eventually healed me.

Once I started practicing yoga again, the change in me was amazing and at this time I didn’t even realise how much I was learning about myself and what this practice would bring to me in the future.

After a long taxing career in hairdressing for 25 years, I decided to become a yoga instructor and my healing process really started and has been rapid ever since.

I find yoga makes me a better person, mother, friend, teacher and healer. I feel that everyone and every body can do yoga, and anyone can benefit from the practice.  With this as my belief I have studied to be able to teach people from pregnancy to end of life and everything in-between, making it accessible to a broad section of the community.

” Yoga reveals our soul purpose and our universal gifts. Yoga helps us to shine our light to the world”


” Yoga teaches me to be in the present moment. It brings powerful health, mental and spiritual benefits to my personal well being that I would like to share with others”

Formal Studies & Certifications:

  • TBC

Bianca Gautama

Yoga Teacher – Class Covers

Bianca began practicing yoga since 2000 to be in shape and to maintain her spine well being from a scoliosis condition. Since then, the regular yoga practice has brought Bianca an unexpected wonder that continually stimulate her mind, body, and spirit. The tremendous benefit on what she is getting from Yoga enthuse her to share the experience with others. This leads to her E-RYT 200hrs Vinyasa Flow Teacher training at Yoga Trinity. Whilst she is influenced by role models such as B. K. S. Iyengar, Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Seane Corn and Baron Baptiste; she considers her recent teachers and mentors to be Heather Agnew (Yoga Trinity), Polly Realf (Yoga Mandir)  and Justine Janssen (Power Yoga Canberra).

Bianca teaches mainly Vinyasa and Power yoga with a light-hearted style of teaching. Her teaching has grown out from various styles: Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram, Vinyasa, Power and Ashtangga Yoga. Her classes are playful and explorative. Her background study in Psychology and Education influenced her teaching. She enjoys challenging and empowering her students to delve deep into their physical practices whilst bringing an astute awareness to the mind-body-breath connection.

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Teacher training status:

  • Deepak Chopra – Journey to Enlightenment
  • Meditation Level 1 – Transformation Meditation
  • IVHHD  Certificate in Chair Yoga Instruction – Holistic Therapist & Meditation Teacher Training College
  • IVHHD Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development – Holistic Therapist & Meditation Teacher Training College
  • Holistic Counsellor – Holistic Therapist & Meditation Teacher Training College
  • Vinyasa Flow Level 1 Journey into Powercertificate – Baptiste Power Yoga Institute
  • Vinyasa Flow Level 2 The Sannyasin’s Journey certificate– Baptiste Power Yoga Institute
  • RYT200 Certified – Yoga Alliance International
  • Member of International Meditation Teachers Association (IMTA)Trauma Sensitive Yoga certified – Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia

Rob Ginnivan

Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Coach, Author/Public Speaker

Rob Ginnivan is a Mindfulness coach, guest lecturer, yoga teacher and Ambassador of Tidy Temple Yoga. As a member of the International Meditation Teachers Association, Yoga Alliance (RYT) and having studied in the presence of Eckhart Tolle, Dr Deepak Chopra, His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Baron Baptiste, and one of Australia’s leading meditation schools – Inner Voyage Human Holistic Development, Rob leads with compassion and healing to guide the C-Suite, organisations and individuals to attain an ongoing mindful state of awareness, enhanced focus, inner calm and happiness.

Rob is also a Board Member/Advisor to Frontline Yoga Inc –  and works with reintegrating frontline guardians including soldiers, police, paramedics, fire fighters injured physically and psychologically back into the community. He is in the process of publishing 3 books on the topics of Mindful living and Helping those with Post traumatic Stress Disorder and has also released “Renew U” – an 11 track guided meditation album aimed at ‘fast tracking’ shifts in consciousness. Published feature articles in Australia Yoga Journal and Canberra Yoga Conference magazine about the work Rob does with soldiers affected by Post Traumatic Stress through the power of yoga/meditation/mindfulness can be found here: http://www.robginnivan.com/#!/c16um

“We are human ‘beings’ not human ‘doings’, so by shifting our consciousness and maintaining an ongoing sense of presence, we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities”

To engage Rob for a teaching session, workshop or retreat, kindly Contact us to make an enquiry.


Yoga qualifications:

  • Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training – 2015


Annika Ginnivan

Kids Yoga Teacher

It’s all in the TTY family!! With a dance, cheerleading, competitive gymnastics and sports background. Annika quickly realised the benefits of yoga for herself and children around her. Gaining inspiration from her parents Kristin and Rob, this energetic, caring and fun loving girl became one of Australia’s youngest yoga teachers in 2013 at age 12!

Having completed the famous Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher certification, now at age 15, Annika leads with colour and lots of fun in her classes while assisting junior yogis to be confident about themselves. Book your kids in now to this dynamic junior yoga teacher’s classes and be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Annika’s current interests include animals, arts & crafts, cheerleading and dance, so expect lots of fun with animal poses, lots of creativity, and fun games where children can become more confident by showing off their AWESOME moves to everyone and muuuuuuuuuch more…