Our Class Offerings

As of Monday 1 June 2020 (and in accordance with the 29 May ACT government Stage 2: Step 2.1 announcement regarding the easing of COVID-19 restrictions) we are offering yoga and meditation classes in the following FOUR WAYS:

1.  Scheduled In Studio Community (Face to Face) Classes – weekly community classes limited to 8 persons (adhering to 1 person per 4 sqm) in our Nicholls Studio.

2.  Scheduled Online Community (Live Stream) Classes – weekly community classes which are live-streamed at the same time as our In Studio classes on schedule. Unlimited class sizes.

3.  Private Mobile Studio (Face-to-Face) Classes  – personalised classes to Private Individuals and Corporate/Workplace/Special Interest Groups, with class limits depending on the size of the venue (adhering to 1 person per 4 sqm).

4.  Private Online (Live Stream) Classes  –  for Individuals and Corporate/Workpace/Special Interest Groups. Unlimited class sizes.

To read more about how we are making our classes COVID-SAFE click HERE.

Nicholls Studio

Our classes in Nicholls are term-based. Each term goes for 8 weeks and there are 4 terms per year.

TERM 1: Monday 17 Feb – Sunday 19 April (8 weeks)
TERM 2: Monday 18 May – Sunday 12 July (8 weeks)
TERM 3: Monday 3 August – Sunday 27 September (8 weeks)
TERM 4: Monday 26 October – Sunday 20 December (8 weeks)



In Term 2, as we transition back to face-to-face classes from Monday 1 June, anyone can join by REGISTERING ONLINE selecting/paying for a Casual Pass and booking their class/es.  Term Passes will not be sold between now and the end of Term 2 but Casual Classes have dropped in price.
All passes expire at the end of each term. Missed classes can’t carry over into the following term but can be made up for by attending a different class on schedule during the current term. Until ACT government advises otherwise, face-to-face classes in our Nicholls Studio will be limited to 8 persons plus the teacher, to adhere to the 1 person per 4 sqm rule.

Dropping in to a class will NOT be permitted during Term 2. All Students must register, pay and book online to join:

Yoga Flow In Studio Class

Relax & Restore In Studio Class

Unlock & Lengthen In Studio Class

8 Class Term Pass
$150 ($18.75/class value) 

$25 Casual Class
$20 Casual Class 



This option will suit people who not yet wish to attend Face-to-Face classes in the studio but still want to attend a group class at our scheduled time with live interaction with their teacher each week. Class sizes are Unlimited.

Yoga Flow Live Stream Class

Relax & Restore Live Stream Class

Unlock & Lengthen Live Stream Class

$12 Casual Class


Private / Corporate / Workplace Classes


Contact us to enquire about organising a ONE-OFF or REGULAR face-to-face private individual or group yoga class for your organisation / workplace. Private classes are tailored to your specifications and can start anytime during the month. We can bring yoga to you with our TTY Mobile Studio, or classes can be held in our Nicholls Studio outside our advertised class schedule. Until ACT government advises otherwise, face-to-face classes will be limited to adhere to the 1 person per 4 sqm rule

Private Class (one on one)

Private Class (couples)

Groups/Corporate/Workplace Yoga

Starting from $60 per class

Starting from $80 per class

Starting from $160 per class



We now offer individualised online classes for Private Individual Clients and Organisations. Private classes are tailored to your specifications and can start anytime during the month. They are live-streamed and can go for anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

This option will suit Individual Clients and Corporate/Workplace groups who don’t wish to attend face-to-face classes with our Mobile Studio or our weekly scheduled live stream classes but still want personalised, tailor-made class with live interaction with their teacher. Class sizes are Unlimited.

Private Live Streamed Online Classes (Private Individual Clients & Corporate Groups)

Starting from $150 per class

We are now catering also  to NDIS clients. To learn more about Private / Corporate /Workplace yoga click HERE

Props Hire

We have a limited supply of props to hire out to enrolled students to use with our classes. Props can only be hired on a monthly basis. Hired props are expected to be cared for and thoroughly disinfected/cleaned before returning. If you are interested in hiring props from us please CONTACT US first to enquire if we have the props available.

Props for hire are:
– Mats
– Bolsters
– Blocks
– Straps
– Sandbags

BUNDLE (2 Props or more)



$20 per month ($5/week value)

per month ($3/week value)


Our Charities


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